University of Durban Westville (UDW)

Upward Bound Enrichment Programme

This specifically targets science, technology and commerce programmes by offering school learners summer and winter schools on campus in these areas during their last three years of high school. The specific projects objectives are:

  • Increase participation of black and women students from disadvantaged schools and communities in the higher education system through active recruitment, selection, preparation and placement.
  • Increase the intake of disadvantaged students in fields such as science, engineering and technology, health sciences and commerce.
  • Improve the progression rates of black students who enter higher education through early identification and systematic preparation.
  • Restructure the university curricula and reprioritise university services so that it provides a broader, more flexible and responsive educational programme to serve disadvantaged students over an extended period of time.
  • Provide intensive staff development opportunities for senior students through training and experience in managing and teaching educational programmes to disadvantaged students.
  • Provide in-service development for secondary school teachers to meet the needs of disadvantaged students.
  • Build and test an innovative model for the induction and retention of disadvantaged students in the higher education system beyond the familiar Academic Development Programme model of development.